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  • Pure white pebble
    Pure White pebble

    The Pure White Pebble, the world most sold tumbled stone, is used for outdoor garden decoration, interior decoration and landscaping projects. Its shiny white colour is unique in Europe.

    5,75 €
  • Polished Black pebble
    Black Polished pebble

    Black Polished tumbled stone, of a matte and intense black colour. This stone is very resistant and can be placed outside. It is a high quality pebble that will naturally find its place in your landscaping and interior design projects. It is available in 3 sizes: 12-24, 24-40 and 40-60 mm.

    8,35 €
  • Piedra triturada Negro Igea
    Pure White gravel

    Pure White, intense white gravel, the whitest on the market. It is used for the decoration of gardens, squares and walks or pathways. It is also widely used for the development of roundabouts and Japanese Zen gardens. It contrasts nicely with black and other dark colours.

    3,99 €
  • Black Pebbles
    Black Pebbles

    Black pebbles, used in garden decoration, landscaping and interiors for its intense black color, unique in Europe. Natural stone of basaltic origin from our quarry in Igea, La Rioja. Distributed all over Europe by its unique touch and colours.

    5,32 €
  • Malla Antihierba Polipropileno
    Weed barrier fabric

    100% geotextile weed barrier fabric, 110 g / m2 in monofilament polypropylene mesh, heat-welded and anti-UV. This fabric prevents the growth of weeds in a more ecological way. The land is still irrigated, it is protected against frost in winter and allows saving water in summer.

    49,61 €
  • Piedra triturada Negro Igea
    Red Lava rock gravel

    The lava gravel is rather a rough stone, it is used for the decoration of gardens, courtyards, roundabouts and even Japanese gardens. It contrasts nicely with the white and light colours. This natural material is also widely used on plant and tree partridges because it maintains moisture and it is a good natural filter.

    4,95 €
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